Neckessories Scarf Necklace

وصلت سلسلتي إلي طلبتها من المعرض 
My necklace that I ordered from white expo - 360 Mall has arrived

مزاجي شتوي ، كله من المجلات إلي شفتهم قبل أسبوع ، غسلوا مخي
فركبت السلسله السكارف مع بلوفر صوف رمادي ، أتزهب حق الشتاء ، أشوف شنو عندي و شنو ناقصني عشان أشتري من ألحين .
أول شي قلت بلبسها مع أسود ، بس حسيت لأ ، الرمادي لايق أكثر ، مطالعها أحلى مع الترر الفضي إلي فيها
وايد عجبتني ، خصوصا إن نمر ، مودة السنه

بالصورة - بلوفر من محل:  أتوركوا
جينز: زارا
جوتي : أوتوركوا
سوار : اتش أند ام

I'm in winter mood now because of all the magazines I saw last week, I have been brain washed
So I thought to wear this scarf necklace with a wool pullover,preparing for winter, see what I have and what I don't have in order to get it now
at first I thought of wearing it with a black dress then again, grey looks much better with all the silver beading and stuff. I really liked it specially that its a leopard print, which is this season's trend

Pullover: Uterque
Jeans: Zara
Shoes: Uterque
Cuff: H&M

مع هذي القطعة تلبسينه نازل شوي ، أحسن حق الحجاب ، عشان ما يغطي
With this thing you could wear the scarf a little bit down, could for hijab, so it won't cover it


تبين السكارف يصير أرفع ؟ بس شيلي القطعه
Wanna go short, you could just take that thing off


للطلب دقوا على : 97777555
السعر: 65 دينار كويتي

For Orders call Neckessories: 97777555
Price tag: KD 65


lorra said…
i like u make more simple with gray
i would prefer for me stright cut blouz a7es etha3ef akther

thanks for sharing deer
DoDoq8 said…
like it o 7bet t9werch akthar

Pure said…
i loveeeee it mashallah 3alaich bel 3afya ;*
i dont know why 3abali intay mo met7ajba ;p
ib bali at7ajab now oo i need styling tips :( i would reaaaally love it itha sawaitay post styling tips 7ag el met7ajbaat ;*
Journal Entries said…
love it!
3laich bil 3aafyaaaaa =)
Sn3a said…
Ma sha Allah
ana 9j 9j mo3jaba eb thoqch
shlon mr ebbalch tlbsenha weya rmady
3jbny l scarf bs eat'3lait s3ra shway
3ad madry eb ay website shft enna ygolon hatha be9er mothat l sna
Summer said…
allaaaaah!! 3ajeeb!
Q8Glam said…
3alaic bel 3afya ,luv it
Me Blogging said…
Lorra: welcome

Dodoq8: thanx

Pure: allah y3afeech, o ee ana mit7ajbah :)
o enshallah Im trying, wallaw ena ana kila fe bali enas y3arfon sha3alimhom, ya 7ilo banat likuwait lain 6ala3tay, asna3 nas bel3alam, yrakbon ele ma yetrakab

Journal: allah y3afeech

Sn3a: mashkora :) o yalla khal teser moda

thanx all
Mommy S said…
your posts are getting more interesting....keep 'em up :)
good job the ensemble looks amazing
habbosh said…
love love love
3alich bel3afya dear:*
Aseel said…
3alaich bil 3afya
Unknown said…
Wohoo you finally got !
3alaij bel3afya , I applaud you for your courage I always wanted to make fashion posts and post pictures bs kellish matjara2 !

Keep up the good stuff !
Just A Bunch said…
loool 3ady, ana hal 9aif chinny killsh ma9ayaft! lool killa aswad wo remady! hee hee shasawwy, itha 3allagt 3ala lon, a3allig min omma! hee hee

again, love the pics!

& i LOOOOVE the cuff! wanasa, wa2aeeran 3ajabny shy min ma7al mu 3'aly, bs wallah killa mfalsa! lol ;P

May i ask, is it new? i mean, shall i find it on the store now? :)

oh, & about the scarf necklace, it looks really cool with the grey & your shoes :)
Me Blogging said…
Just a Banch:
Madre etha el cuff mawjod wela la, sa3at 3abali khalas bes they get more after a while
Anonymous said…
i dont like it,
Anonymous said…
ADORABLE!!ambaaii 7ada yshawig mashallaa;***shkthr yakht wagt 3la ma yo9ali ?
Me Blogging said…
10 days 3ala ma ykhalis

tara they have other colors, bes malhom saf7a on facebook
call them maybe they have something available ready
Anonymous said…
owhhh okii thankuuu xDD
Anonymous said…
thoqich '3areeb bs mashallah 7elo 3alech :) nice pics
Anonymous said…
wana agool wen shaifa shay methla now i remember it is very similar :)

ma6alabt 5eft ye6la3 mo 7lo ma3a il laffa o ham 7aseta over priced bs chenich shaja3teeni :)
Me Blogging said…
eee shiftee :)

ana 7a6a el link fe el post mal el white expo

o mal likwait arkhas min USA
bes yethel ghali

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