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وصل القرآن إلي طلبته أمس من (دونا) وايد حلو ، و صج مثل ما قالوا صغير ينحط بالجنطه

The Quraan I ordered from Duna arrived today, it looks really good, and as they said, its so small that could fit in your bag.

كتبت إسم كل مجموعة تحت الصور في البوست إلي قبل عشان  يسهل الطلب

I have added the name of each collection under the photos in my previous post so it will be easier to order one


Anonymous said…
kan wedna nshofa min dakhel , etha el kha6 wathe7
Faith said…
that's so pretty mashalla.

hope they make their own website it's a great idea walla.
Anonymous said…
hey meblogging i was wondering if you knew any places i could check out that still sell nice ramadan kaftans?
Zayouna said…
Mashallah it looks so nice...I want to order too but I have a couple of questions, is the small size easily and clearly readable? and how long did the order take to be received?
Me Blogging said…
yes it is readable, not too small
and you will recieve it the next day, but I'm not sure if they still have them, contact them and see
Zayouna said…
Thanks a lot dear :)

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