Hamsa Robe

هذا البشت إلي أمس شريته من المعرض - الرابط
white expo
بنت خالتي خذت نفسي ، و اليوم قعدنا نصور اللبس
البنية إلي خذيته منها إقترحت إن نلبسه مع سكيني جينز و نحط علي حزام و نرفع جمومه
والله طلع حلو ، شوفوا النتيجة

This is the robe I bought from Hamsa yesterday from white Expo Link
My cousin got one too and today we took some pictures of it
The girl suggested that we pair it with skinny jeans, add a belt to it and roll the sleeves up
It looked trendy, see the result


Anonymous said…
waayd raqe ow waayd 7lo 3lekm bil 3afya ;)
Bs atw83 Mo 7lo 3la ay w7da , Lazm th3efa ow 6wela y6l3 a7la 3leha wayd nfs ele bil pic (Y)
Anonymous said…
I was soooooo happy when I saw this pots;D

My aunt is the one who designed them, glad you like it;*
Anonymous said…
very beautiful mashala! i want one! price tag?
sugar lolita said…
liked your photoshots
and el kaftan ba4ad wayed 7elo 3leech bel3afya :)
Anonymous said…
it looks so pretty .. though i don't know leeeeeeeeeeesh el two chairs in the last pic ??? lol
still i like the Robe thingy
Sn3a said…
L bsht eyannen!
Wel 9war a7la o a7la
shesm el designer
weddy a5th mthla
o mlbos l 3afya ya rb
Me Blogging said…
Anonymous 1 : mashkoora

Anonymous 2: say thank you to your aunt for the beutiful design

Anonymous 3: price tag KD 75
you can find it at karkoosha.com

sugar lolita: allah y3afeech

anonymous 4: ya3ni bensawe shay ghair belast chairs, bes 6ala3 mala ma3na, bes i liked the pic

esemhom Hamsa, ana 7a6a link

and this is there contact information
Contact: +965 - 9922 2047
Email: hamsaq8@hotmail.com
items available at Karkoosha
Alya said…
Looks great!! Fab styling ;)
Indigo | Iris said…
thats a gorgeous robe! absolutely love it!

Modish said…
woow gorgeous 3laich bil 3afya .. luv ur style btw..
they only have it in red at karkoosha.com :/
the boudoir. said…
i so like hamsa's kaftans..for a newcomer they have gorgeous stuff..3alaich bil3afya;)
Yours Truly said…
I loved the last picture. It's very creative and looks like it was taken in a professional magazine photo shoot :)
Unknown said…
روعة بالعافية قلبي
Anonymous said…
Wow! yhabel :)

o Mashalla sha3rich wayed 7ilo. Wain sabgheta?
Me Blogging said…
hathe mo ana hathe bent khalti
ana mit7ajba :)

athen 7a6a sun-in

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