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توني قاعده أقول يا حلو صورهم و يا حلو  عارضتهم  إلا مقلدين نفنوفي من برتي شاندرا؟
إنزين قلدوا بس مو نفسه بالضبط
أنا شاريته من بيروت من محل إسمه
أكو أحد شايفه مال أنوته يقولي بجم؟

I was just telling myself, how pretty their pictures are and their model, then I was surprised to see that they have a copy of my Preeti Chandra dress that I bought from Beirut from a store called Taten.

Has anyone seen Anota's dress? can you tell me how much it is?

هذا نفنوفي
والله شكلهم مسوينه في نفس المصنع بالهند ، أصلا الماركة هندية

This is my dress
I think they made it in the same factory in India, since the brand is originally from India

First Photo by Anotah


Yours Truly said…
My god its exactly the same dress! this is so weird
Anonymous said…
Anota daymn yqdooon :s i hathe them
DoDoq8 said…
madre bs atwa83 t79lena eb anota eb 50 or 40

o etha 9ar sale 5 KD only

Mommy S said…
OMG hatha mo nasfa...hatha ehwa
o tara maybe kalamich sa7 ekonoon emsaweena 3end nafs el masna3 :\
Anonymous said…
Yes Anotah always copies. I once saw a shirt Rihanna wore in the kids collection lol.

love taten thou :)
Anonymous said…
قبل فترة رحت لانوتا..و شفت كم قطعة مشابهة الي حد ما القطع الموجوده في لايم لايت ...تري شي يحر...الاشياء اللي تاخذينه باغلي اثمانها ما عاد لها قيمة!!
stella said…
بس ترى فيه اختلاف بسيط بنص النفنوف
Unknown said…
وي حسافة بس هذي طريقة انوتا ما اتوقع سعره يزيد عن ال40 د.ك
sugar lolita said…
واااااااي اكره المحلات التالية :)
العام شريت نفنوف من جوني واس طبته من محلات نيمان ماركوس و لقيت ريفا مقلدينه لووعة جبدي ما قمت احب البسه و
هالسنه طبعا تشويس بدع كله مقلد ماركة ون فينتاج اللي يبعها نيت ابورتر

و انوووووتااااااااااااا سوري عالكلمة وع وع اف ماحبة و كله يقلد

و جني قلت قصة حياتي :)
Me Blogging said…
Yours Truly:
yes it is

ana 3abali tesana3aw ma gamaw ygaldon


Mommy S:
eee niskha

Anonymous 2: rihanna 3ad?

Anonymous 3: ee ya kerehom 3ala hal 7araka
copy copy

Stella: ma fe walla shay, check it our again

Ameera 3arabeeya: sa7 yemkin

Sugar Lolita:
Atwaga3 riva o anota sa7ibhom wa7ed, bes madre 3an choice

yalait yghayron min hal 6areega betagleed, sawow shay yeshbaha mo copy
Summer said…
wow, that actually looks cute
Marwa said…
ambeeeeh... ma a9adig @@

this is exactly same blouse I bought 2 years ago from Anota !!! @@

i think kan se3erha ma yet3ada 29.750 K.D !

nafs elcolor o elmodel bs bidon enagsha ely ta7at !!

ya3ni 3abalhum min sinteen enass ra7 tensa elmodel? ween elebda3 fe eta9nee3?? kila boog bil modelat o recycle??

nafs elgi63a enzalat gabil 2 years o now emnazleen nafs-ha 100% bs 7a6een 3aleeha 7ashyat colors min ta7at !

etha radeet elq8 inshallah ba9awer my blouse i think i still have it and i'll send it to u :)
Annoymous said…
I previosuly visited Anotah stores in Kuwait - and I realised how fashion company works. Anotah has designers from various countries.

As well as they have a network with an international company who provides Anotah with color trends, shapes and sizes for the next season.

This is why you find alot of similarities wth a lot of brands.
As for the Indian design, I once asked the Anotah store manager and they said that they have clothes deal with many designers from India, Italy, and Turkey etc. These designers sell their designs to Anotah. So basically, Anotah does exclusive deals on these designs.

In the end, I like to encourage the sucess of regional brands. I like Anotah and I am a loyal buyer. GmbH

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