Second Hotel in Rome - Leon's Place

On the second day in Rome we moved to another hotel because Babuino Hotel was fully booked, gelna yala enjareb, 2 hotels in one trip, so we booked in a hotel called Leon's Place . Min elseb7, we had our breakfast, took the luggage out and was ready to go. rekabna e taxi, yamshi yamshi yamshi. haaaa??? where is the hotel? i thought it was just on the other side. ehni galbi wegaf. Dad hated Babuino, what is he going to say about this one....namshi namshi ba3ad, no waaaaaaay. we9alna a6raf Roma, where are we? bes, 6ala3na min el ceneter!!! after 10 minutes we arrived, it is in Via XX Settembre 90/94 (for people who knows Rome) ensaw nroo7 elsouq mashi. we have to take a taxi to go to the center. We hated the location but thank god dad liked this one.

The place is very quiet, mainly because its new o ma7ad yadre 3ana, o fog hatha b3eeeed. Its nice, new and clean, bes for me aham shay is Location Location Location.


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