Recafe - in Rome

All I can say is, whatever we order from this restuarant tastes good.
Recafe located in Piazza Augusto Imperatore, 36 - Roma

a7san min ma63am ams, recommended by the hotel, fashel, ma fe a7ad o akla masikh
you should alwasy look for the crowded one o ele makhshoosh, 3ad ana o ekhte 3indena ganon el ma63am ele mafresha wardi mal tourist o akla mo 7ilo. So mafrash warde, no no

pic above, deep fried prawns, I don't know why but in italy prawns taste differently than in any other place, like they are just been caught from the sea, so fresh.

and here is a pic of fried Calamari, 3afsa bes tara it's delicious


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