My new ring

Uterque  خاتمي اليديد من
مو الاول المربع، الثاني العملاق
مفكرة أيمع خواتم السنة و ألبسهم (فيبي ستايل) فيبي من حلقة فرندز ، إلي كل صبع علي خاتم

My new ring from Uterque
its not the first one - square, its the second huge one
This year I'm thinking of collecting rings and wearing them (Phoebe style) Phoebe from Friends TV show, were she has a ring on each finger


Shopaholic said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
HOT! mashala 3alaich ib alf 3afyaa.
Faith said…
Girl you rock
Loved that
Anonymous said…
i love the vine ring mashalah , 3ajeeeb , 3alech bil3afiaa
Anonymous said…
hello 3alech bil3afya:) if i'm not mistaken ilma7al bil avenues phase 2 right? if i'm right plz tell me where it is exactly near what store? kil mara abi adawra bs mali 5ilg a7ooos
Me Blogging said…
allah y3afekom

the store is nearly in front of Carrfour

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