My Finger Has Arrived

:) صبعي وصل
 finger ring تذكرون يوم مره كتبت عن الـ 
وصل اول ما رديت الكويت ، يخرع ، جنه صبع صجي ، حتى في بصمات ، المشكلة ما يقعد عدل على الصبع ، والمصممة قالت لي ترة معظم الناس يلبسونه على الصبع الصغير و إذا حبيت أقدر ألبسه سلسلة ، يحليلها أشوه مفكرة، أنا الصراحه اخاف البسه على صبعي يطيح مني وله يضيع ، فراح البسه كسلسلة ، وايد عجبني

My finger has arrived :)
Remember once I posted about the finger ring
Well it arrived on the day I retruned to Kuwait from my vacation. It's scary, looks like a real finger, it even had finger prints, the problem is, it doesn't fit the finger well, and the designer told me about that, and most people wears it on their little finger, and if I liked I could waer it as a necklace, well good she thought of that. I'm affraid to wear it on my finger I might lose it, so I'm gonna wear it as a necklace. I liked it so much.

The finger ring is designed by Cornelia Webb
If you would like to place an order email her on: , price: $220
she also told me that her collection will be available soon at Al-Ostora in September, how cool is that :)


Anonymous said…
Could it also be used to punch in and out of work !? :P
lorra said…
looooooooooool moody

ok me i love ur blog but the finger is little creepy dont u think loool
Me Blogging said…
waaaay moody mawatene min ethe7ek
chan zain it could be used to punch in/out of work :)

walla creepy, creepy yes
but I like it :) I also like the idea that she used to be a medical student and then became a jeweller. and how she connected both together and used a human part as an art

some times i feel like a king, who orders his army to bring him a body part of his enamy as proof that he is dead ;p wai3 ha? 6ara fe bali shasawe
Anonymous said…
your nail colour is ugly :S
Me Blogging said…
wallahe ehwa 6ali3 besora mo 7ilo, bes i like this color
Anonymous said…
Creepy but cute. Nice shirt by the way in the last picture
Me Blogging said…
Actualy its a dress, cacharel, ako sale in case you wanna buy one :)
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
i love rings and i love weird looking 1's , and thats a creative ring :D which i like to see on people but not me :P

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