Maxxi Museum - in Rome

We checked out the recently opened Maxxi Museum in Rome, the one designed by Zaha Hadid

This Skeleton is by Italian artist Gino de Dominicis - 1988. Aslan most of art displayed inside the museum was for him.

They didn't let us photograph inside, so there is no paintings or sculptures to show you.

Wayed tewaga3ta a7la min chethe, ma kan ako shay yeshaweg, bes 2 or 3 things, the rest are either hard to understand the concept or min asas mo 7ilo. O abyakh shay el video installations, for example, they show you  a person running for 5 minutes and you just hear him breath china bemoot, I hate those videos, they are too scary to watch. But anyways it was fun and different.


Anonymous said…
It loooks amazing!
so inspiring.. bel 3afya 3lej :)

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