How many pair of shoes do you have?

داري عفسة من بعد السفر و قاعده أسنعها الحين  ، أقط القديم و أعلق اليديد ، أشيل البوتات و الأشياء إلي ما راح ألبسها ألحين و أسوي مكان حق إلي شريته. أأأأوله يا كثر الجواتي إلي عندي ، كل ما فتحت الكبت إلا واحد قاعد يطل علي من فوق (مكان مو مال جواتي أصلا) أو ألقاهم في كراتين قديمة عبالي خالية، وااااي جذي أنا احب الجواتي؟؟؟
.أنا ليمه ألحين ما عديت جم جوتي عندي ، أسنع و اخلص ، و أقول لكم
إنزين ... إنتوا جم جوتي عندكم ؟

My room is a mess after we came back from our vacation and I am tidying it up right now, tossing out old stuff and hanging the new ones, taking out my booties and things I can't wear right now to make room for the new stuff I bought. Offf I have too many shoes, every cabinet I open I find a pair of shoes looking down on me (its not a place for storing shoes) or or I find some pairs in old boxes I thought they were empty. ohhh do I love shoes this much?
till now I didn't count how many pairs odf shoes do I have, after I finish cleaning up I will tell you
But tell me, how many pairs of shoes do you have?

الصورة: واحد من الجواتي إلي شريتها من جنيف ، جوتي ترتر من  فرغامو - يا كره المارة بالعربي
Picture above:One of the pairs of shoes I bought from Geneva, Ferragamo sequined flats


ههههه سؤال صعب

نطري اعدهم وارد

Anonymous said…
heheheh ... i was just reading this article in one of the sites , its about ... hmmm u know what here is the link :)

any similarities ?
OMG!!! I was thinking the same thing this morning when I woke up. I have to clear the shoe closet!
My problem is I catogorize my clothes and shoes. sports, work, causual, dinners/receptions, weddings. I have clothes and shoes I bought three years ago and I haven't worn yet!!! They still have their tags on. Its just I didn't have an occaision to wear them. ;p
What would you do in this situation?
newly_wed said…
i buy shoes regularly, but i recycle.. i dont keep more than 10 pairs at one time, so whenever i buy one more, i toss one out. i have to think of the space as well!
Summer said…
I never counted and I never shall!!
Modish said…
ooh i really cant count them ! i have 4 shelves at my flat and they are full .. and i have the same at my family house.. wedding shoes, shoes for work, and everyday shoes
..oooh dont forget the boots ib mokan ibro7hom in their boxes !

im sure u cant count urs too ;)
lorra said…
walla i have no idea but i have a lot of pair one full capent and i dont have the heart to toss anything hehehe
isnt funny that every season u feel u want 2 more pairs :p
Anonymous said…
i'm going to do some summer cleaning and count my shoes too!
i'm a new blogger, come and visit!
Anonymous said…
There's NO WAY ON EARTH that my heart would let me throw any pair of shoes i have away .. they're my babies !!
and yes i had the same arrangement problem but found really cool ways to store shoes in IKEA maybe u should go there and see what suits your room/closet.
Fnonymous said…
awal shay this is the first time i comment on your blog o i am a big fan
reading your blog kind of a guilty pleasure for me cos im a guy and i feel its so very girlish blog :(
el mohem your post make me recall one episode from SATC where SJP calculate how much did her shoes cost her which is CRAZY
so watch out
love you sis :)
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
جاكليته said…
انا من كثر الجواتي اللي عندي .. سويت لي كبت تفصال حقهم .. واايد ارتحت .. والا قبل ما كنت اشوف اللي عندي ..
نصيحة سويي لج كبت خاص لهم وارتاحي :))
Anonymous said…
Hi where do u recommend places in Genenva, i'm leaving tomorrow

Anonymous said…
to anonymous going to Genaive:
dont miss Migros ???
don't shop just enjoy and relax, plz eat ice cream and feed the ducks
Anonymous said…
last time i counted 700, was forced to give around 120 away, so purchased 50 more
Me Blogging said…
shay etha7a:
na6ra enateeja :)

nice , thanx for the link

Ma vie:
wallahe ma adree :) bes ashwa hal moshkila bedat tegel, no tags any more
what could you do? sell them on ebay? :p

newly - wed:
hmm interesting

summer :

ee walla hard to count, i think i hvae more than 53 that will turn up someday

esara7a, every time I go out shopping ba3ad mo bes bel season :)

hello lou and welcome to the world of blogging
and waiting for your number

Oh no I don't have a closet problem, I just need to be more organized

I happy that you enjoy reading the blog
and yah i remember this episod it was scary, I don't wanna know how my shoes cost

la zain still fe mokan 7ag-hom

Anonymous who is going to geneva: too bad ma shift your comment earlier. enshallah you enjoyed geneva.

Last comment:
are you sure? 700?
ya3ni you own a store of shoes :)
can I come visit you some day
oh oh shrayech etsawren lena ?
wain hal jewati 3aysheen?
Anonymous said…
I just arrived to Geneva, can you suggest nice places to go to over there? Thaaanks :)

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