Unfair Magazine

Anyone heard of this magazine? Me like their pictures in this issue Link
click here for their facebook group


Anonymous said…
i love your blog :) bs i really hate how u keep saying ME LIKE !!! why cant u say i like , like all human beings ;) me like remainds me of tarazan !!!

sorry i just had to say it ;*** no hard feelings, love u and your blog ;********
Me Blogging said…
I didn't know that Tarazan says Me like...and I like saying Me Like :(
3ala wazin Me Blogging

enzain how about whenever you see the word (Me) replace it with an (I)
haa what do u think? :) still no good?
Anonymous said…
yes!! its amazing!!
Mme.Monstre said…
its one of the most interesting i magazines i've had my hands on ,, maybe through facebook you can arrange for a subscription

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