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We would like to introduce Ibrah's latest creations, Skin Bracelets, inspired from the famous Chanel Tattoos.

How to wear these bracelets?
Simply cut the design you like place it on your wrist, or maybe your ankle , and bring a wet tissue (not so wet) and press on top of the paper until you feel it on your skin.
It will stay for 2 - 6 days. if you want to remove it just use nail polish remover or a warm water and scrub.
Note: The first chain bracelet is by Chanel and the second one, lace bracelet is by Ibrah

Available at:
Fortune Cookie Boutique - Karizma near Amiri Hospital
or buy them online pick your tag: Link design #1 - Link Design #2
Me Time Nail Spa - Avenues Mall , next to Spa time
Melange Boutique - 360 Mall

Now they are available at Hadeya Station click here


fatto said…
كنت ابيهم من زمان .. ماستر ابي مايخالف امرج البيت واخذهم .. عيزانه اروح بعيد :)
Anonymous said…
I wanted to buy Chanel temporary tattoos but they were out of stock. I'm so lucky that you sell the same :) how much are they?

Anonymous said…
Mashallah :) you are really AMAZING girls :)

Love everything you creative...BEST of LUCK :)

e7mod said…
hey i just called me time and they dont have the chanel tattoo they only have the ones from ibrah, so any one knows where i can get the chanel ones from kuwait??
N said…
i like it !
who ask about Chanel tatoo it's in Lashes saloon :) by order
DoDoq8 said…
Where is Lashes saloon plz?
Anonymous said…
Me Blogging said…
yalla ta3alay

One sheet with 5 bracelets is for 1.500 KD

thank you Dalia

yah I heard they are at lashes salon. bes madree min wain yaybenhoom??? what i know that you can only buy 3 chanel packs per person
ohhh yah 7mod you could try ebay they have chanel
DoDoq8 said…
I call Lashes salon today I put my name on the list its may will receved the two next week they say it cost 35 KD
Confashion said…
WOW I'm impressed! And it looks quite nice in the photo. I love your creative crafty side of you and your sis :)
Anonymous said…
i wish you guys would start designing clothes =(
habbosh said…
grls u rock milliontimes
best of luck love ur work
bought 18 sheets :P

ps:i hate the word verification:/
Anonymous said…
You can buy the Chanel Tattoo online at if ur in Kuwait

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