Its hot in here but bearable since it is kind of windy, and all the stores are air conditioned 
I just love shopping in Italy, they are so friendly and they never say no to anything you ask for.
Like now, in the summer time, they don't have all the winter collection on display, but when you ask to see some of the items they received they will show it to you right away.
and I even like the selection of clothes they have in stores, thog-hoom ghair. 
I Love Italy


Anonymous said…
im leaving next week to rome plz tell us where to visit..
hope u enjoy ur trip!
Danah said…
aaakh lucky you! please go to giolitti and have some gianduja ice cream for me!
Me Blogging said…
If this is your first time in rome
you have to do the touring thing
and go visit all the historival places, ma3a ek Vatican don't forget.

ba3adha el soog, via condotti, via fratina, via bocca di leone, o ay da3oos telgaina deshe fe o estakshefay

I don;t know where that is, but I had ice cream :)

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