Our Hotel in Rome

Buongiorno Tutti (Hello All - in Italain), we have arrived, it was a quick flight from Geneva to Rome, one hour only, that was nice. We booked our tickets with Fly Babbo they are like Jazzear Airways of Kuwait , ashwa 6ayaratna ma kanat marawe7, we were scared of that, because usually they utilize these types of planes for short destinations, but we flew with Alitalia plane, which was a normal plane.

Now the hotel ... this is the first time for us to stay in Babuino 181 - Rome Luxury Suites , it is a very small one, located in the city center, we can reach the Spanish Steps walking, no need for a taxi, all stores and restaurants are near.

Above you can see the small entrance of the hotel and below is the  reception, tiny I know but very cozy

And here is our room (my sister and I)

Ahhh my favorite Coffee Nespresso , but that one looks different than the capsules I use. Tried it, easy, same steps to prepare a cup of coffee.

The picture below is where they serve breakfast, also a small cozy room.


Anonymous said…
have fun dear, and take a lot of pictures for us , specially store windows,
the hotel looks nice, how much is it for a night?
the boudoir. said…
Looooks reallly goood! I love boutique hotels:)) enjooy

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