My job is done

My room - Part 2 (30)

My room - Part 2 (10)

Look at my lovely bows
My room - Part 2 (12)

I love this part, I have to show you this, when I finished cutting the ribbons I burned the edges so they will not get lose.

My room - Part 2 (1)

My room - Part 2 (3)

Before I started tying the ribbons up I remembered buying these (picture below) from Yvoire the last time we were here

My room - Part 2 (4)

So I placed 3 in each curtain
My room - Part 2 (17)

Abyakh shay when I had to sew the rings to curtain number 2, and then do all of the above again...
My room - Part 2 (14)

My room - Part 2 (23)

Wa Akheeran ,,, they are up
ahhhhh I love my white room


Blogger said…
love it
love it
love it
sooo elegant
u r creative mashalla
Anonymous said…
3ajeeba mashallah so cleanline and elegant
Anonymous said…
I love how modern, simple, clean yet cozy it is! Great job :)
BlackTulip said…
Love it ,, looks great ,,

P.S. Love your bed ,, where did you get it from ?
Anonymous said…
mashalla nice work :) so this is ur room in frnace u live there? i didn't get it! it doesn't look like a room in kuwait due to all the wood finish
zuz said…
inspirational! loooove it, mashallah
Journal Entries said…
u make me wanna renew my room=)
it looks v.nice mashallah
habbosh said…
i love ur white room too
great job grl
I love the white room !! great job , so my type :)
Anonymous said…
alla lail7en masheft'ha bil sij !!!
cousin Z
Pink Sakura said…
I Love your room :)
for me all PINK XD

I miss you very much
I hope you are well ;*
pearl said…
mashalla wajed ill copy your idea :P i go to geneve every year too :) your soo creative ..
Me Blogging said…
Thank you all for your lovely comments :)

Black tulip:
I made the headboard in Kuwait
bes did you see the gap between the bes and the board :( ghala6
my bed is too low

No I don't live in France, we just go there in our vacation

Journal entries:
a7la shay when u do your room

Cousin Z:
you have to see it, enshallah this year you can come

Pink Sakura:
hi I'm doing great

you are welcome to copy it
Shayouma said…
waw such an artist mashallah!
Shayouma said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
mashalaah , love the curtains alot , n ur room colour , very relaxing . thats creative what u did with ur curtains , the bows are effortlessly cute

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