Mazza Lubnaniya in Geneva

This might be the best dish in Geneva if you are looking for something light to eat

You won't believe where we found it, it's in L'Oranger Cafe. Next to (Gahwat El-3ayooza) 7ag enas ele y3arfoon el gahwa ele kanat teshteghel feeha mara cheberah, al7een khtefat madre e9ar 3alaiha.

Not only that, they even have lemonade with mint, yayyyyy
wa'kheeran 3a9eer mithel el awadem fe Geneve.
The owner of the place is Serian that is why you see all of this


Summer said…
bil 3afya!!
food looks really good ;p
Anonymous said…
Yum I want mafie good mint Drink in Uk :( hav 2 make it myself
Me Blogging said…
allah y3afeech

Abdulwahab said…
seems DEEEEEEELISH! bil3afya :D

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