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Leopard bag is on my list

L'Officiel Fall-Winter 2010 (1)

Looky Looky girls L'Officiel Fall/Winter accessories magazine is out.
There was nothig new or interesting in it, same old same old, and since we have only 1 month or 2 of winter you don't have to worry about getting new things. Studds are still in, wedges, buckles and chains are all in. What caught my eyes the amount of leopard bags and shoes all brands have. Each and every Label has one. below are some of them.

L'Officiel Fall-Winter 2010 (3)
Christian Louboutin

L'Officiel Fall-Winter 2010 (22)
Barbara Bui

L'Officiel Fall-Winter 2010 (5)
Dolce and Gabbana the Kings of Leopard print, I have my eyes on that one.

L'Officiel Fall-Winter 2010 (7)

L'Officiel Fall-Winter 2010 (6)

L'Officiel Fall-Winter 2010 (8)
Giuseppe Zanotti

L'Officiel Fall-Winter 2010 (11)
Fendi. It looks that you could add your initials on the bag. notice the A.K. letters on the tag hanging

L'Officiel Fall-Winter 2010 (12)

L'Officiel Fall-Winter 2010 (10)
Salvatore Ferragamo

L'Officiel Fall-Winter 2010 (14)
Roberto Cavalli - another brand famous for his animal prints

L'Officiel Fall-Winter 2010 (17)
Mulberry. Wallah shadeen 7ailhoom elrabe3, awal ma kan 3endehoom shay 7ilo

L'Officiel Fall-Winter 2010 (18)

L'Officiel Fall-Winter 2010 (20)
Jimmy choo

L'Officiel Fall-Winter 2010 (19)
Moschino Cheap and Chic

I know all Kuwaiti girls adore leopard prints, to them its a basic item that every girl should own, it's like a blue jeans or a white T-Shirt, but I never worn a leopard print in my life. I always think it makes me look cheap. This season I will try to embrace the trend, there is no harm in carrying a bag? right? or wearing shoes with animal prints? or perhaps a scarf ? I think it will look cool if I know what colors to pair it with.

Comments said…
The yellow FENDI bag will be available at for fall collection :)
Just A Bunch said…
Just like what you said, animal prints are basic & they never go out of style.

leopard prints look great with earth colors, such beige, brown, black, etc. But they go well too with a bit of bold colors as well, such reds, blues, yellows, greens...

so dont limit yourself to basics only; be bold & chic at the same time ;)

i hope i helped :)
Me Blogging said…
Boutique 39:
good to know :)

Just a Bunch:
I will thanx :)
6:00 AM said…
eshaawgoooooooooon el bags zooogha :P
wayed 7ilo el leopard
Summer said…
hehe, Its on mine too!!
ShoSho said…
I don't know why ma7eb Leopard print :/ I might be unfashionable lol GmbH

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