Have work to do

My Room (2)

I bought this curtain like a year ago and I was planning on adding bows around these metal rings, but forgot to bring with me a ribbon roll last time we came here to France.
My Room (3)

My Room (1)

Luckly this year I remembered and got one
Note: couldn't find a shop that sells what I want here in France or Switzerland, even if there is kilish ma yeswa, as3arhom khayal, in Kuwait it only cost like 3 KD (approx. 9$) for a 10 meter roll

My Room (4)

I think I will leave the curtain like this, long, so bugs will not get in
My Room (5)

Ohh and I have a missing part I didn't do :)
yallah work work work ...will see results ba3dain ... TaTa


Anonymous said…
WOW - amazing
the boudoir. said…
wow! u have really good taste! white and wooden flooring go so nice together and not to mention very calming on the eye

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