Day 5 - Salzburg

Took the tour bus on that day...




7adegat-hom khayal... look how they take care of it


If I'm not mistaken this is "The Sound of Music" house - picture above



we stopped in a park that has a trick fountains tour, kanat ghareebah. Yegolon awal kan feeha a prince-archbishop of Salzburg who likes to play tricks on his guests in the 1600s using water. yeresh 3alaihoom min amakin ma yetwago3onha.


The water was too shallow making the fish look like they are floating on air

Mozart book

Mozart kakaw

Picture above - Mozart Ball (Mozartkugeln) created by Paul Furst in 1890 and won a Gold Medal at the Paris Exhibition of 1905.

sound of music puppet play

At the end of the day we went to see (Sound of Music) puppet show. It was so funny , kilish ma tewaga3t I will enjoy it. The songs are still stuck in my head.

sound of music play
This post will be the end of our trip to Austria and in the next day we drove 11 hours to Geneve.


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