Day 4 - Salzburg

Finally I have internet connection... the title says Salzburg but currently I'm in France in our home. In this post and the coming posts I'm going to show you pictures of the past couple of days we were in Salzburg.

Hotel Sacher - salzburg - (1)
Salzburg is a fine city, reminds me of Geneva

Hotel Sacher
But totally hated our hotel, Sacher hotel

Hotel Sacher - Salzburg (4)
I hate old style decor, 6ab3an mino ele mistaness??? Dad, he loves this kind of style, he doesn't find it annoying. Mum and I thought the rooms are renovated. When we asked the staff about the rooms we saw in the pictures he said most of them are for suites or rooms of their hotel in Vienna. Lah wallah?

Hotel Sacher - Salzburg (1)

Hotel Sacher - Salzburg (2)
all pictures above are of the lobby

Hotel Sacher - Salzburg (3)

Hotel Sacher - salzburg - (0)

Hotel Sacher - Salzburg (5)
our room. waiiiiiiii3333 mino el maynon ele yfaker y7e6 satayer mbakarah??
maybe the best thing about the hotel is that it's close to everything.

Hotel Sacher - Salzburg (6)

Hotel Sacher - Salzburg (7)
the famous Sacher cake, didn't like it. 7amthaaaah, feha mrabah 3ala 7asab ma yegolon, maybe that is why. takhayelaw hal kaika msaweenah sanat 1832!!!! hal nas 3endehoom tareeeeekhhh, ma y7achoon ela eb 1800 o 1700.
more pictures to come of Salzburg.... soon


أفراح said…
هاي حبيبتي حبيت فينا من صورج
بس واي فندق
salzburg يقمت ويصرع
Me Blogging said…
eee shiftee :) ylawe3 el chabd

ha garartaw betro7on vienna?
Anonymous said…
9ij etlwa3 elchabd eldaar
o yagtel elhotel

bent 5altch D
احلا مافي الموضوع التجربه الفرينه مع الكاروهات والاشياء المبكره =)

عيشي سفرتج ماتفكرين بالاشياء الدقيقه
النمسا احبها
فيينا عاصمه مثل كل العواصم
Summer said…
I love this hotel!! its amazing!!
I saw Anne Hathaway there! and true their sacher cake isn't that good!
Anonymous said…
Cake isn't that good lana 7a6eeen fehhh I don't know which kind of wine
Me Blogging said…
Summer, ethaher you like old style hotels.

Did you talk to ann?

wallah madree was it wine of jam..chethe wela chethe mo 7ilwa

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