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Day 3 - Touring Day in Vienna


Today we went to the nearest bus stop to our hotel to take the tour bus at 11:00 am but it was full and they told us to walk to the opera hall to catch another one there with less people in it. we walked like 15 minutes and the bus was full too, I think its the same bus we saw before, it just moved from one place to the other.


In the other bus stop we waiting until we melted from the heat. ba3dain rekabna.....akhhh i hated my choice of clothing today, I wore a navy dress o emta9ait kil ashe3at eshams, e7taragt. abyakh shay lama yogaf el bus o an6ebekh.

Note: el bus maftoo7 min foog that is why kan 7ar




Today we took like 3 buses, kil wa7ed yeferna fe mokan. this one ashwa fee AC, wanasa baraad ledarajat ene dekht o shway o anam, lo ma ekhte tkalmni.




short erayal nafs loon e6oofa :)




yegolon hathe kanaw msaweenha english engineers, o mafrooth teg3ad for couple of months only and it stayed for ever.


a7lah shay when we went to see Schönbrunn Palace and learn all about Maria Theresa and her 16 children madree 13, How they lived in there. walking inside the palace felt like walking in Ikea, moving from one room to another. I thought their rooms where huge, but they are not, they were very small, with small windows. maybe they don;t want the rooms to be cold, they have big heaters inside, ma3a ena this palace is there summer residence.




they didn't let us take picture inside the palace. this is all you can see, the garden.


Summer said…
I love Vienna! You should go to Sacher Hotel! It's amazing they have the original Sacher cake!! (Sacher is a very famous type of chocolate cake) You can try it in the hotel's coffe shop, but make sure to order the one that does not contain alcohol. (Its pronouned Sa5a btw;p)
Me Blogging said…
:) yah I tried it, didn't like it, 7amtha, t-hagain the one i had was with alcohol @@ ???
e7mod said…
hey am thinking of going there for new-years.... would u recommend it ?
e7mod said…
if so where should i celebrate new year? GmbH

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