Day 1 - Walking in Vienna

Vienna 1

Vienna in their own language is called Wien, and it is pronounced Veen

hourses in Vienna

Vienna 5

Vienna 4

Cafe in Vienna 1

they have like a million cafes in the city and since it is sunny that day everyone is out enjoying the weather

LV window in vienna

Chanel Window in Vienna - 1

Chanel Window in Vienna - 1

in the coming 1-2 weeks Chanel is expecting to receive the new collection (Fall/Winter)

day 2 - pink hair

Me like color

Vienna 9 - hourses

horses where ever you go


Unknown said…
ooh stephanplatz i miss you :(
Me Blogging said…
wallah yalait a3aref hal share3, e7na namshi o bes
Dairam Al-liwan said…
I loved the Chanel quilt....and the rest of the pics :)

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