Alicia Keys in Dsquared

I missed the opening of world cup 2010 so I watched it on youtube last night...

Aicia Keys from youtube

while I was watching Alicia Keys I was like @@ are these Dsquared shoes she is wearing???

oh yes they were, I found a blog saying that picture above was tweeted by Alicia herself link

you like them? you can now place a pre-order at Luisa Via Roma Link and get them in September. These shoes are from the Fall/Winter Collection 2010.

BTW, why is she wearing bones? ya3ni Africa :)?


Anonymous said…
k said…
i think its cool.. it suited her clothes well..
y3ne she didn't wear it with a bigggg dress as gaga's style that would suck!.. she rocked it..
Anonymous said…
freakin' ugly!

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