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Its hot in here but bearable since it is kind of windy, and all the stores are air conditioned  I just love shopping in Italy, they are so friendly and they never say no to anything you ask for. Like now, in the summer time, they don't have all the winter collection on display, but when you ask to see some of the items they received they will show it to you right away. and I even like the selection of clothes they have in stores, thog-hoom ghair.  I Love Italy

Dior Winodw in Rome

Those are ping pong balls Creative , yet easy to make

Moschino is melting

Moschino  Boutique window, ohh that reminds me Moschino has a hotel in Milano if anyone is thinking of going there and would like to try something new. Link

Our Hotel in Rome

Buongiorno Tutti (Hello All - in Italain), we have arrived, it was a quick flight from Geneva to Rome, one hour only, that was nice. We booked our tickets with Fly Babbo   they are like Jazzear Airways of Kuwait  ,  ashwa 6ayaratna ma kanat marawe7, we were scared of that, because usually they utilize these types of planes for short destinations, but we flew with Alitalia plane, which was a normal plane. Now the hotel ... this is the first time for us to stay in Babuino 181 - Rome Luxury Suites  , it is a very small one, located in the city center, we can reach the Spanish Steps walking, no need for a taxi, all stores and restaurants are near. Above you can see the small entrance of the hotel and below is the  reception, tiny I know but very cozy And here is our room (my sister and I) Ahhh my favorite Coffee Nespresso  , but that one looks different than the capsules I use. Tried it, easy, same steps to prepare a cup of coffee. The picture below is where they serve br

Roma here I come

We are leaving to Rome today. We will be staying there for 3 nights then back to Kuwait  :( kalisat ejazti Photo : this was the work of Graziano Cecchini who also did this


The founder of the Swiss watchmaker Swatch Nicolas Hayek has died at the age of 82 source   photo

Emarati o aftakher - إماراتي و أفتخر

Madree shfene 3ala el blogat el emarateya But look what I found ...  Hind Beljafla's blog  (Reem sister) owners of DAS   abaya collection

Louis Vuitton Tattoos

You think it's only for the Fashion Show?  or they are going to launch temporary tattoos like Chanel? Source check out Ibrah's skin bracelets if you are interested  Link

Yvoire - France

Notice something odd in the picture below? The crystal chandelier morakba ma3a el bait when it gets all rainy and windy don't these strings get tangled? Creperie Yvoire has the BEST Crepe ever, I ate 3 :)

Last night in Dubai

Well that is different Link

Breathtaking - in France

When the sun comes up that means its time for me to sleep Picture - outside my window Listen to what I'm listening to right now ...

They are back

Finally they are back - High Street Q8


A T-Shirt by Maison About for About Link Below, Veronica owner of the fashion fruit blog wearing the T-Shirt Source of picture Link

Mazza Lubnaniya in Geneva

This might be the best dish in Geneva if you are looking for something light to eat You won't believe where we found it, it's in L'Oranger Cafe. Next to (Gahwat El-3ayooza) 7ag enas ele y3arfoon el gahwa ele kanat teshteghel feeha mara cheberah, al7een khtefat madre e9ar 3alaiha. Not only that, they even have lemonade with mint, yayyyyy wa'kheeran 3a9eer mithel el awadem fe Geneve. The owner of the place is Serian that is why you see all of this

Emarati Blogger

I'm now following Fashion Hermit Blog, a  20 years old Emarati girl who dreams of a career in fashion .  I'm enjoying her vacation diary in London and tomorrow she is leaving to Marbella, then she will be in Paris b3dain Lausanne and finally London. Cool thanx Manal

Water Park in France

Vitam Parc is a newly opened water park in France. My family went there yesterday to check out the place (ana ma kint ma3ahoom) below are picture of it taken by my sis. indoor pools wall climbing the place also has a small co-op (Migros) and some restaurants Nice, a great place for children to play. If you need directions on how to reach there click here

Schilliger in Glad

Yesterday, on our way to Lausanne we passed by Schilliger a garden and furniture store in a place called Gland. The place is huge, you need a whole day in it elward eyanen They even have animals in there 3ad mino yabe a pet like this? ya3ni ma3a el mundial

My job is done

TAA - DAA Look at my lovely bows I love this part, I have to show you this, when I finished cutting the ribbons I burned the edges so they will not get lose. see? Before I started tying the ribbons up I remembered buying these (picture below) from Yvoire the last time we were here So I placed 3 in each curtain Abyakh shay when I had to sew the rings to curtain number 2, and then do all of the above again... Wa Akheeran ,,, they are up ahhhhh I love my white room GmbH