Yalla Shabab

What caught my eyes in Yalla Shabab exhibition that was held in Mishref Fair Grounds ...

Yalla Shabab (5)

Boutique 29 booth, loved how she dressed the pictures on the wall
mobile: 99062144
Facebook Group
email: boutique.29@hotmail.com

Yalla Shabab (4)

and since I'm obsessed with T-Shirts this season, me like this one...

Yalla Shabab (2)

Her store is located in bait Dima, next to the church.

Yalla Shabab (1)

and of course here we have our friends Fortune Cookie

Yalla Shabab (8)


the boudoir. said…
boutique 29's posters y3aqdoon! very creative and original for kuwaiti expos.
nora said…
It's very chic and unique,it is just exactly what any girl could ask for ;D
Jawhra said…
WOooooooooooW! Awesome design !! Very creative
remas said…
Mashalaaaaaaaaah! 3ajeeeeb , does she own a boutique or something? what if we want to see her things ! please contact us soon
Anonymous said…
my brother was one of the organizers, they are 19 years old they are all friends in the same age.
Shaikha said…
I was at the exhibition , i stopped by to see this talented and creative girl! Esmha 7e9a Al5amees.. Alf mashalah she was soo generous oo raqya eb eslobha o ta3amolha ! ALllah yewafgha inshallah oo please keep us updated with her stuff .
Anonymous said…
nice! Boutique29
ilzain said…
et3aqed al fekra for the 1st 2 pictures malot model!
Me Blogging said…
This msg is from Hessa Al-Khamees
from her facebook group:

"fe ma3arth @ home , INshalah basweeh 3ashankom Ne9 6 Cuz orders will stop untill July ! :)

Boutique 29
Hessa Al-Khamees"
Sara said…
yes am with shaikha ! , i saw this designer 7e9a al khamees she was so chic and great:) eslobha wayed 7elow oo her designs were so raw3a eb reasonbile price :)

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