We are thinking of going to Vienna this summer, any suggestions?
Source of photo: Been Around


Anonymous said…
its boring:$
Yousef said…
I've been there in 2008 and loved it. there are lots of museums in there if you're into museums. it reminds me of paris.. deera 3areeqa.. bs i'm not sure etha soog'hom zain wila :P
Anonymous said…
i like it there u should be at the center of vienna i recommend hilton vienna its easy to go every where .. i agree with yosif the musuem and i add churches are breath taking dont miss zalmsee if u like sking and lakes its much cozier than vienna

and have great vacation :))
Om MiMi said…
Salzburg and Zalamsee are amazing! u should B there ! Vienna as i hear is Romantic place..
Anonymous said…
its nice place but not for a long time , will be bored if u stay more than a week and by the way they have nice shopping
Anonymous said…
LONDON BABY!!!!!!!!!!
go to London wala 7ada wanasa ehnaak;*
Me Blogging said…
Anonymous 1:
wee enshallah la

yah we are thinking of going to museums

I have to check out the hotel

Om MiMi:
ana khayfa zalamsee tekon baykha, coz awal o tali we are going to geneva after

only 4 days i think is enough

ee london babe :) bes without your dad, kilish ma ye7eb ajwa' london

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