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I downloaded twitter on my BlackBerry and I'm hooked. I have an account on twitter, but never tweeted a thing from it. I only linked my blog to it and thats it. so when ever I post, it goes straight to twitter. Twitter on BB is a different story...getting instant updates on people I follow is something amazing, you don't get to miss a thing.
For example, Mashallah 3alaiha the blogger iLsul6ana publish like a zillion post a day, and people keep asking me "did you see what iLsul6ana posted today?" I go like "noooo I have no time to check her blog everyday" and even if I did check her out every now and then, I always miss something because of the huge number of posts. But now with my twitter for BB, life is different, mako shay ye6ofni, every time a blogger posts I get it directly in my twitter account, and if there is something interesting I could click on the link and read the whole post.
3ad min legafti, I went and changed my username on twitter, by doing that I have lost the link between my blog and twitter. meaning there is no posts on twitter, enge6a3 el ete9al. I can't get it back. I forgot how to do it.
So I moved on to another project... Twitpic...
I have seen this on fastidious blog, on the left hand side, she posts pictures taken by her mobile and sent via twitter......garait o garait lama 6la3at ro7i o 3araft shloon.

twitpic is linked with twitter, which means you could use your twitter acount to login.
The best part about twitpic is I can take a picture with my BB and sent it to twitter. thats it, and anyone following me can see the picture.
Now how to view the pictures on the blog? hatha ga3adt sena 3ala ma 3araft, 6ala3 shay sakheeeeeeeef. Since I'm using blogger, all I had to do is add a gadget and look for the twitpic one. o slamatkom. that simple.
and now you can see my tweeted pictures on the right, go waaaaaaay down you can see 2 small pics, hatha ohma. Fa if there is no time to post i can tweet.

Al7een elmushkila el a3tham, how to get back my posts to twitter....ba3ad el ba7th el mustamer, 6ala3 I have been using something called twitter feed o ana ma adree....3ad hatha mo mal shar7 , shay far rasi, lama 3araftla. O enshallah I got it right. Now I have linked my blog to twitter and facebook too (which I'm not a big fan of).
This is a test ... let see what happens.
Tomorrow, will tell you about the result.


Hamad said…
Yeah I definitely don't have time to twitter and fb my word all the time xD

I'm even considering getting rid of my blackberry and going back to the good old life ^_^

Less technology = Less complications!

Cool blog! ^_^
Hamad said…
that's world*
and not word

death to typos! ^_^
Anonymous said…
3a6eetay ilsul6ana 3ain :P two days no new posts lol

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