Spray your eyes

iSee Spray Lens, a liquid contacts that you spray into your eyes and lasts up to 24 hours
Available only in Switzerland and Japan for now
Would love to try it someday
source: Link1 Link2


Shayouma said…
Ish3ajab its available in Switzerland first! i have been living here for a long time o dayman other euro countries get things first .. I will ask my optic..
eshda3wa said…
it sounds too weird !
Au natural said…
very interesting, it will look more natural then regular contacts i think! i want to try it on too!
Me Blogging said…
sa7 kalamich, Switzerland kila akher nas yo9alhoom.
bes ethaher their labs are in switzerland.

allah y3afeech ask your optic and tell us what they tell you

7ada, ehwa 3adasa o yala elwa7ed y7e6ha eb3aina, aresh-ha shloons?

Au natural:
can't wait to get my hands on one

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