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Just the other day I was walking at the aveunes and saw a boy wearing this T-shirt (picture above) and I was like "WOW how cool is that? I want one"

I remember seeing it on blogs but don't know where exactly, but i was sure it wasn't a kuwaiti brand. I think it is a Saudi Brand, then after 10 minutes, I saw the T-Shirt right in front of me. MY GOD this is it... YES this is the one. You won't believe where I found it , it was in Replay store at the avenues. YES YES this is it Kilmah , I was right, Kilmah is the Saudi brand that I used to read about all the time.

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When I saw the whole collection I didn't know what to choose.

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I'm soo in love with the black beads on the shirt

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But the print didn't look good on the pink and pale yellow girls T-Shirts, so I had to have the Boys shirt, white is more nicer and the sunglasses look more cooler than women's eyes.

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When I went back home, I wore my lovely T and sat on my PC, looking for hotels in Vienna, while I was searching for pictures of hotels, I found some interesting ones on flickr, and the good part it was taken by an Arab guy, so he knows what we are looking for in hotels, I enlarged the pictures and I was impressed, so I decided to watch the whole Photostream .........Watch @@


I was just telling my mum how great Kilmah's pictures are, and wish I knew who took them?

huh 6ali3 el 9odaf, now I know, Dhahi Al-Ali

below is the picture I was admiring on the way home

Dhahi, you ROCK


Shaha said…
I highly recommend you stay at the Meriden hotel in Vienna. It's modern , chic, and has a great location. Everything is in walking distance. The grand hotel Wien was also great, but was a bit outdated for our taste. If you have the chance arrange for a stay at the Schloss Fuschl in Salzburg. It's just a couple of hours away from Vienna. You can easily arrange a car to drive you there. It's pretty secluded (many celebs got married there!) but everyone knows it. Its a must see!! The views are BREATHTAKING bedoun mobalagha. The rooms are gorgeous with huge windows overlooking a huge lake. You can also choose to a stay at one of the cabins directly jbal el lake bs shway ykhari3 :p. You can also hire a boat, like the old fashioned row boats! and actually spend a relaxing day rowing yourself around the lake and fishing :P The food there has to be one of it's great features. There were two restaraunts, majarabt el thani. I only tried the castle which was amazing!! During winter ykoun fe like a fair which isamazing and cute! With old fashioned street vendors, carnival games, cotton candy, pretzels 7ada 3ajeeb. You have to check if theres something similar during the summer. Also if you're going to Salzburg you have to see the Werfen Ice Cave. Bas wear comfurtable shoes, lana you have to walk up madri shkithir to get to the cave itself, then hold a gas torch and walk in and climb madri cham alf flight of stairs. It's an experience!
Ahh, I could go on forever!!
Enjoy your time there!
Anonymous said…
you go to labanon alot sa7 dear... do you know any good stores that sell dara3ah/caftan :(
Me Blogging said…
Ohhh Shaha
Thank alot for the info.
I think i need you email in case i have any question :)

Yes I go to lebanon but i think Kuwait dara3a is much nicer
I will ask my mum and she will give me addresses of places to buy dara3a's there
Anonymous said…
the sirt looks soooo cute!! i wanna get one for my hubby!! plz tell me where is the store exactly and how much did it cost :D thanx!!!
Me Blogging said…
Do you know where Dean and Deluca is? ehwa gabla beshway

and for the girl who is asking about Dara3a in Lebanon:


Al Artizana: in front of Hotel Vandome

Nadia kamp in furn al-shubbak, close to bait al6abeeb (naqqabat el a6eba')

Nafeesa in Ashrafieh near Sara bag's store

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