I'm Sorry Vivienne

Armour ring

I'm sorry Vivienne Westwood for copying your ring , but I don't want to order it and find out that it doesn't fit and I have to return it, I don't want to wait for 10 or maybe 20 days for it to arrive. I don't want to pay for shipping and customs who are setting unrealistic fees for items.

Armour ring 7

Armour Ring 2

Armour ring - front 1
want one? sent me an email on memeblogging@yahoo.com
Update: to clear things up, the ring is gold platted and it will take up to 10 days (minimum) to finish.


Or order the real thing Link

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Anonymous said…
very cool. i think yours looks cleaner...
Anonymous said…
How Much ?!
I would love to receive one like that!
its such an amazing ring to have
Modish said…
luv it ! mshallah shighlich wayed 7lo;p do u have it in sizes ? a9ghar size :p
Au natural said…
wow! your extremely talented
Me Blogging said…
Anonymous 1:
china shway

Anonymous 2:
95 KD

weee chan zain shoghli, I made it in a work shop i deal with. if you know ur exact size I could make you one

Au natural:
la wain talented :) chan zain.
it was crafted by a workshop
Anonymous said…
i got two from viv online, want to order the third style as well. yours is slightly longer (which i actually prefer ) how much is it?

HessandCo. said…
mashallah 3alaich .. wayed 7elew! .. do u ship to Dubai?

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