Ibrah Goes to Bahrain

Green + Grey Cream (11)

Ibrah's Necklaces "The Cream Collection" is now available in Bahrain in Creme Boutique (what a coincidence, cream and creme). There is a new addition to the collection which is the cream belt (picture below). All items are made to order.

Location: Al A'ali shopping complex, Seef District.
For more info. check out Creme Boutique


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Gold Belt - Cream 2

Also the collection will be available soon at pick your tag in Kuwait, Ramadan new colors.


Ibrah is a Kuwaiti label famous for it's trendy and fashionable accessories.


Sn3a said…
ma sha allah
allah ewafgkom o menha lela3laa
Anonymous said…
Hi Hi Hi.. you once posted about geneva can u recommend places plz??
Me Blogging said…

What are you looking for in Geneva?
and when r u going?
Anonymous said…
Loved the first one, do you ship to Dubai? And price please
Me Blogging said…
Yes we ship to Dubai

Please contact me on so we could arrange for that

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