Ibrah Goes to Bahrain

Green + Grey Cream (11)

Ibrah's Necklaces "The Cream Collection" is now available in Bahrain in Creme Boutique (what a coincidence, cream and creme). There is a new addition to the collection which is the cream belt (picture below). All items are made to order.

Location: Al A'ali shopping complex, Seef District.
For more info. check out Creme Boutique


facebook group



Gold Belt - Cream 2

Also the collection will be available soon at pick your tag in Kuwait, Ramadan new colors.


Ibrah is a Kuwaiti label famous for it's trendy and fashionable accessories.


Sn3a said…
ma sha allah
allah ewafgkom o menha lela3laa
Anonymous said…
Hi Hi Hi.. you once posted about geneva can u recommend places plz??
Me Blogging said…

What are you looking for in Geneva?
and when r u going?
Anonymous said…
Loved the first one, do you ship to Dubai? And price please
Me Blogging said…
Yes we ship to Dubai

Please contact me on memeblogging@yahoo.com so we could arrange for that

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