Dara3a Hunt


Check out Fortune Cookie's Ramadan Collection

I bought 3 , ma gedart agawem

Now, all I need is a glittery shoes and a clutch




Most of the dara3as are short, and with reasonable prices from 40 - 85 KD

Fortune Cookie Boutique is located in Karizma - next to Amiri Hospital


om Mimi said…
hiiiii. !
i saw the SKIN Bracelets By IBRAH!@karizma! They r amaaaaazing!! WHY U didnt promote it! sara7aa when i saw them glt why u didnt write about them cuz every 1 is looking for bracelets tattoos these days!!!
Me Blogging said…
you saw the cllection :)

can't announce that now, there are some other stores will carry the same collection enshallah by tommorrow I will post about them :)

did you try them?
RoOra said…
Thanii W7DA 7set-ha 3jjeba ;D
bel3afya ;D
Om Mimi said…
I love them :D no nt yet I'll try them now n shallaaa ;D
my freinds they saw it & they love it !
Really gooood Luck ;* perfect idea in perfect timing ;)
bs I got Q ? R they locally made?
Me Blogging said…
ee hathe malti , mashkoora :)

Om Mimi:

yalla enshallah ya3jebonich 3ala eydech

and no they are not locally made, but they are locally photographed :) by me ;p
lorra said…
hi dear thanks for the info i went yesterday and took 2 faakaa walla kent a7aty i hat shopping for dara3a they are very coool and chic and for the shoe i would recomment casadi in el7etha2 el moree7 in zahra they have this new casadi evening shoes in gold and metalik platform i took the metalik one waid 7elo o yamshi ma3 kel e dararee3 but u have to go fast mako gyasat
o thanks a million again
Me Blogging said…
im glad you found something and you liked to too

ana bacher msafra fa shakli i will look in there and thanx for the info. I will check out casadi in geneva or rome

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