Color your toys

plastic 01

Last week my sister and I were working on decorating Melange boutique window in 360 Mall and I had the idea of placing ponies there.

Plastic 02

Plastic 03

but I wasn't going to place them there looking like this, I colored them using purple spray paint

Plastic 04

A regular spray paint from the co-op

Plastic 05

It was a bad idea spraying this number of ponies without wearing a mask.

Plastic 06

The result was surprisingly good

Army of ponies 3

Army of ponies 2

Melange Window - May 2010 - 2

And here are my ponies in the boutique

Melange Window - May 2010 - 3

if you are going to 360 Mall anytime soon, say hi to them and tell me what you think

Melange Window - May 2010 (25)

You can do the same and create a modern decorative items for your bedroom or living room, by coloring your children's old toys. An old robot or perhaps a dinosaur.


very cool idea! mashallah!
الوانهم قبل احلى بس لما حطيتيهم بالمحل صاروا يشوقون

تسلم ايدج
pink said…
e3agdooooon !! wayed 7elwa elfikra mo shway
Anonymous said…
حركة حلوة وغريبه انج تحطين البوني وتستخدمينه كديكور
الله يوفقج وانشالله انشوف افكار ثانيه

بس ممكن سؤال ؟؟ اشمعنى هالمحل سويتي له الديكور ؟؟ اهوا لج ... لاني كذا مره امر وادخله؟!!
ام عمووور
Pearl said…
nice :) waid 7aloo 6al3.. good luck ba idea thania ..
Me Blogging said…
Thank you all
o etha 3indikoom afkar 3a6oona o e7na nshoof etha to6abag wela la

and to anonymous:
elma7al 7ag wa7da t9eer lena
fa kan wedna nsawe laha el window
Au natural said…
very creative, looks great :) !! xx
ShoSho said…
Waw neat! I Love!
Confashion said…
I just wish there were more on the window display :)

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