At Manoush Store - Avenues

Manoush - (4)

What do you think ... dara3a bag for Ramadan? or kharboo6a bag?

Manoush - (8)

It comes in blue too, price tag: KD169

Manoush - (1)

I love Manoush interior, I want to buy anything from them just because the store looks so good

Manoush - (5)


Au natural said…
love the bag :) great pick
Pure said…
kharboo6a :( looks like shighil ma3areth ;s
i say go for another pick ;)
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
chena yahel meshte'3el bel jan6a ... 7adha weee3 :S
Zabo0o6a said…
Me no likey, kellish mo 7lwa
eljan6a :/
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
won't buy it for 20KD, sorry manoush this bag is waay to delicate

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