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Dara3a Hunt

Check out Fortune Cookie's Ramadan Collection I bought 3 , ma gedart agawem Now, all I need is a glittery shoes and a clutch Most of the dara3as are short, and with reasonable prices from 40 - 85 KD Fortune Cookie Boutique is located in Karizma - next to Amiri Hospital

Wajh Al-Kitab

Just wanted to inform facebook fans that I have an account on facebook and all my posts are directed to this account. Anyone who hates to check out blogs everyday but can't live without facebook, Click here

Yalla Shabab

What caught my eyes in Yalla Shabab exhibition that was held in Mishref Fair Grounds ... Boutique 29 booth, loved how she dressed the pictures on the wall mobile: 99062144 Facebook Group email: and since I'm obsessed with T-Shirts this season, me like this one... Her store is located in bait Dima, next to the church. and of course here we have our friends Fortune Cookie

Ibrah Goes to Bahrain

Ibrah's Necklaces "The Cream Collection" is now available in Bahrain in Creme Boutique (what a coincidence, cream and creme). There is a new addition to the collection which is the cream belt (picture below). All items are made to order. Location: Al A'ali shopping complex, Seef District. For more info. check out Creme Boutique Website facebook group Twitter Blog Also the collection will be available soon at pick your tag in Kuwait, Ramadan new colors. Ibrah is a Kuwaiti label famous for it's trendy and fashionable accessories.

Tweet Tweet

I downloaded twitter on my BlackBerry and I'm hooked. I have an account on twitter, but never tweeted a thing from it. I only linked my blog to it and thats it. so when ever I post, it goes straight to twitter. Twitter on BB is a different story...getting instant updates on people I follow is something amazing, you don't get to miss a thing. For example, Mashallah 3alaiha the blogger iLsul6ana publish like a zillion post a day, and people keep asking me "did you see what iLsul6ana posted today?" I go like "noooo I have no time to check her blog everyday" and even if I did check her out every now and then, I always miss something because of the huge number of posts. But now with my twitter for BB, life is different, mako shay ye6ofni, every time a blogger posts I get it directly in my twitter account, and if there is something interesting I could click on the link and read the whole post. 3ad min legafti, I went and changed my username on twitter, by doin

Summer time

Zara Home has a Beach Collection now Link Jeddddan 3adeyeen mala da3e a9lan y6al3oon collection

At the Exhibition

Dar TrTr would like to invite you to their Ramadan Collection for adults and kids There will be dar3as,Harem,jumpsuits,T-shirt's and many other things by Fajer Al-Hamdhan and Shaikha Al-Qattan @ The Exhibition next to Slider Station on (The Strip) across from Al-Seef Palace 25-26 of May ,Tuesday -Wednesday From 4:00-10:00 pm

At Manoush Store - Avenues

What do you think ... dara3a bag for Ramadan? or kharboo6a bag? It comes in blue too, price tag: KD169 I love Manoush interior, I want to buy anything from them just because the store looks so good

Anyone going to NY?

Crosby street Hotel in New York 3ala golat el lebnaneyeen (Shee byakhod el A2l) Ro7aw bedaly , I don't think I will be seeing NY Ohh yes and they have like 6 other hotels in London too Link Frimdale Hotels


Just the other day I was walking at the aveunes and saw a boy wearing this T-shirt (picture above) and I was like "WOW how cool is that? I want one" I remember seeing it on blogs but don't know where exactly, but i was sure it wasn't a kuwaiti brand. I think it is a Saudi Brand, then after 10 minutes, I saw the T-Shirt right in front of me. MY GOD this is it... YES this is the one. You won't believe where I found it , it was in Replay store at the avenues. YES YES this is it Kilmah , I was right, Kilmah is the Saudi brand that I used to read about all the time. When I saw the whole collection I didn't know what to choose. I'm soo in love with the black beads on the shirt But the print didn't look good on the pink and pale yellow girls T-Shirts, so I had to have the Boys shirt, white is more nicer and the sunglasses look more cooler than women's eyes. When I went back home, I wore my lovely T and sat on my PC, looking for hotels


Little girls dresses from antik Batik at the Avunes - Phase 2

Gladiator Sandals

Diva Store at the Avenues - 85KD Location: phase 2 - where limelight is.

ليلي عبدالعزيز بارتي

وشعلامج يا الاسمرانيه - لا اتخلون الاثنين انشاالله ليلى عبدالعزيز بارتي خلو اهدومكم الباريسيه واللندنيه في الكبت ، يرجى الالتزام في اللبس : باروكه+ دراعه+ ثوب+رموش تركيب +شدو خضر+مزنط وحزام ذهب+شحاطه هذي كانت مسج واصلتني من أحد الأقارب (أقارب جنها قوارب و مراكب) المهم من أحد يصير لنا ، لحفلة ، كانت إتينن ،وايد إستانسنا أحلى شي البنات و شلون كل وحده متفننه بلبس الثوب مع الدراعة و الحزام الذهب ، كانوا حلوين ، مع الأغاني القديمة و الديكور القديم . طبعا إنسوا إن البنات يلبسون شحاطة (مثل ما كاتبين) كل الحضور Louboutin ضروري ضروري كل بنيه تسوي لها حفلة من هذا النوع ، تختار الثييم إلي تحبة ، مع ديكوره و أغانية و تشرط على البنات لبس معين وشوفوا عاد التفنتق حسافة أنا ما كنت ملتزمة ، ما كان عندي وقت أدور ، رحت بهدومي الباريسية و الشي الوحيد إليي سويتة ركبت رموش ثبتوا الأغراض القديمة

More Rings

BCBG Rings Link

Me Like - at Zara

Funkyture Expo

Optimus Designs are organizing a furniture exhibition on the 17th of May till the 20th in Al-Tilal

Re-launch of Goji Boutique

Now Goji Boutique with more friendlier navigation and bigger pictures. That's not all, the best part is they have integrated K-Net into thier website, wooohooooo, no need to draw a large amount of money everytime we place an order. Unfortunately, the T-Shirt above is sold out, me like soo much

Spotted at Designers Lounge

Reina the Kuwaiti label is now available at Designers Lounge at the Avenues. Ana e9ara7a e3jebatni el sofa akthar shay :) 7allawa

Spray your eyes

iSee Spray Lens, a liquid contacts that you spray into your eyes and lasts up to 24 hours Available only in Switzerland and Japan for now Would love to try it someday source: Link1 Link2 GmbH