Vivel now open at the Avenues

Vivel 1

Vivel 1 (1)

Vivel 1 (2)


شنو هذا بالضبط؟
e7mod said…
where is it exactly ?
Me Blogging said…
shay etha7a:
ma7al 7alaweeyat
ana ma a3arfa yegolon mokanhoom awal besal7iya wain el NBK
and 7awalli

Next to NBK and swarovski
Ikea side
eshda3wa said…
i passed by it today

but i didnt try anything ..

inshalah ill go back soon
Anonymous said…
i have tried long time ago in Sal7iyah .... behind AL jarra

i liked it

but now it becomes a cafe !!!

it is a new experience i have to try it .

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