I made fun of the stripe trend when it first came out and now I own like 5-7 striped dresses and shirts, that is because they go perfectly well with the other trend … JACKETS...


All from Zara, don't know how we lived before Zara!!!
a7san shay 7ag edawam, albes o a6la3, I don't have to worry about ironing or preparing clothes for the next day.


Sn3a said…
l vest l rmade 7elo?
tawwch ma5theta ?

a7eb l m5a66a6 nice
ME Blogging said…
you mean in the other post?
no ma khathaita el vest, estaghleeta, akhaf ma albesa wayed
Au natural said…
i agree! Zara is very practical and completes the closet always!!!

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