Save the Queen

queen dress

Yupeee I got my T-Shirt dress from WaMu. I ordered this one from P2BK event. At first I didn't like how wide it was, I thought that I'm going to look square in it, but when I tryed it on with a pair of grey skinny jeans it looked great, not tight around the hips.

want to order one, send them an SMS 965 - 99000880

Sorry for the lighting , don't know why my pictures look like that


Unknown said…
that's soo cute!
how much did u get it for?
La2faa said…
Love the detail with the earings!!!
A change from the usual top, do they have different characters?
Me Blogging said…
I remember they have marilyn monroe
Unknown said…
wayd 7ilwa 3aalaich bel 3afia !
way sarli sina adwer their contact # thanks alot!

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