I love Jak & Jil Blog and his pictures, always gives you ideas on what to wear and how to match things together. I really would love to try taking pictures like these here in Kuwait but don't know how. I remember reading a Kuwaiti blog, that was planning to do that, but I just can't remember her name, I wanna know what happened to her. Does anyone know this blog's name?


Anonymous said…
great blog ! 7abeata !
Blogger said…
gr8 idea, why dont u take the 1st step
ill give u a hint, take a picture 4 ur self or any relative but without the head (as what u do 4 ur sis fashion)
Anonymous said…
is it hatha ?
Anonymous said…
I think u r referring to:

She`s doing a good job.
Unknown said…
I've been contemplating the same idea as well for a long time, you know it's a great idea to shed the light on the kuwaiti sense ofstyle and how do we translate fashion and such but i still didn't manage to gather up the courage and do it!

Sos save our shoes is ran by a kuwaiti girl as well !
Me Blogging said…
ee sa7, bes people with different styles is what im looking for
enshallah atjara' o asaweeha

hmm no not that one

WOW 3ajabni, i should write a post about them

yah I know and I love her quirky style , bes no mo hathe

Girls keep them coming... yemkin nekteshef nas thanya ba3ad

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