Laser Comb

Just placed an order for my brother
A laser comb that can grow back your hair (it was featured on Doctors show 2 dyas ago)
Let see if it works


Abdallah said…
im using it.. sharaita 3 years ago.. ma ysawi shay.. ako wa7d aydad mina from Spenver Forrest
Anonymous said…
اسالفت شبابنا قامو يصلعون؟؟؟؟؟
Me Blogging said…
wee laa la tgool :(
and is the second one working?

ee shdarani, wesghaaar wayed ba3ad
Abdallah said…
wAllah I don't mean to be pessimistic.. Bas awal ma sm3t 3ana stanest seeda o sharaita..

bas ma3 ilwagt malait.. u have to "brush" with it 2 times a week.. move mokan to mokan..

madri, ma 7abaita.. i believe the newer one is better b9ara7a.. bas mo bwayd ya3ni :).. la2ana illy ymayiz this comb is it's FDA approved..

Hatha link for the new comb:

based on my research, it's newer and cheaper la2an 3ala 7asab kalamhom, law kanaw by9eeroon FDA approved chan ga6aw waaayd more floos.. which is why their comb is more affordable.. dgait gtlhom tbadloon? galoali no way :P

Allah yafrijha 3alay o 3ala o5ouch inshAllah.. :)
Me Blogging said…
hehehhe inshallah

and thanx for the info
AnaQ8yAna said…
No problem.. o Gooli 7ag o5ouch ina itha byizra3 5ala ysawi FUE (Follicular Hair Extraction).. Hathi aydad o aslam 6areeqa 7ag ilzira3a.. Gubil kanaw ysheeloon jildat ilras min wara wy76onha fog ilras! al7een bas ysheeloon the hairs (without pain) wy76onhom foog.. After FUE, cloning will come.. Ya3ni I chose ay sha3ar abi, o sha3ri y9eer mithla.. So either ysawi FUE or yan6ir ba3ad 2-3 years max :P

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