High Street

high street

I asked readers if they know a kuwaiti blog that was planning to take pictures of stylish people at malls and post them, people were kind enough to send me links, but I didn't find what I was looking for.
One blog a reader sent me caught my eyes, High Street Q8, as they puts it (we are looking for the You's who have proudly cultivated their own styles) and I liked it when they said... (The Yous who are 9 months preggers and still manage to look cooler then me!) sa7 :) ako banat wayed chethe.
So if they like your style, they might come up to you and take a picture, or you could send them yours (neck down) and they will post them on their blog.
Maybe some of the pictures are of poor quality but I loved the idea and I support them 100% so if one day you put on your clothes and think that you look so cool in them, take a pic and send it to : highstreetq8@gmail.com
pic. above was taken from hight street q8 blog


Um Mit3ib said…
im obsessed with the site min shift il comment 3indich;p
Me Blogging said…
Me toooo
still waiting for new pictures
highstreetq8 said…
Thank you to the meblogging team! We really appreciate your shout out! Have a great hair day and may you feel fab inside and out !
Me Blogging said…
ohhh :) I wish I have a team :)
you are welcome, and keep up the good work

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