Haleeb O Saffron Frappuccino

Haleeb O Hail order (2)

I tried the Haleeb O Hail Saffron Frapp. emmmmmm latheeeth, didn't expected to be that good, if you are a namla (ant) you would love it, it has caramel in it.

Haleeb O Hail order (5)
Another thing I tried was Haleeb o hail fries ( el esem khara3ni, I thought there is hail in it ... yukkk) but it was regular fries with cheese, jalapeno and beans, similar to somethig Chillis restaurant would serve.7ilo bes mo mal esa3a 10:00 in the morning, and its a very large portion ykafi for 3 people.
Haleeb O Hail Cafe Location: In Kuwait City, in front of Gulf Bank Tel: 22456780/55832121


Modish said…
yummmmmm !! il fries shakla latheeth ..i usully order from cr inshallah ill try to order from them but do they deliver ?
the boudoir. said…
waiiiii lifrapp shakla YUM! bil3afya!
Anonymous said…
Yum yum.. bel3afya:)

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