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Pictures of the Block One Boutique

Block One Boutique at The Exhibition from April 29th -May 1st Dalal Al Marzouk and Lulu Al Ajeel, two young Kuwaiti girls, bring you sizzling summer dresses, maxi beach dresses, and jumpsuits. April 29th: 5pm-10pm April 30-May 1: 10am-3pm and 5pm-10pm

Suzani in Movenpick

I love Suzani is participating in Mostaqela CBA exhibition 27-28th April at Movinpick free zone from 4-10 p.m.

BlackBerry Bracelet

Check out our latest accessories BlackBerry Bracelet at Movenpick tomorrow and the day after at Fortune Cookie booth # 55 تدعوكم القائمة المستقلة في كلية العلوم الادارية لحضور السوق الخيري السادس بعنوان سأراك كما أهواك يا وطني تحت رعاية النائب الفاضل خلف دميثير و تلفزيون الوطن و ذلك في تاريخ 4/28-27 في موفنبك-المنطقة الحرة , و سوف يتضمن اليوم الاول ندوة يلقيها المحامي خالد العبدالجليل و رئيس جمعية العون المباشر د.عبدالرحمن السميط أما في اليوم الثاني سيقام اوبريت غنائي من تأليف الكاتبة القديرة هبة مشاري حمادة و غناء الفنان الكبير عبدالكريم عبدالقادر، ويتخلله عرض فني للمواهب Previous post


Chanel Particuliere-505 nail polish is now available at Triple Salon Location: Al-Sura Block 6 St 11 Mubarak Center 1st floor Tel: 25346488

Stick inc.

Wall stickers by Stick Inc. , you can chose the size or color of any the designs you see on their facebook group Contact Info: Facebook Group

Summer is here

Above: Madonna in Dolce and Gabbana's Ad. MDG - Madonna for Dolce and Gabbana All of these sunglasses Ads were taken from one magazine, Vogue - Paris (May 2010 issue) I think they are telling people: (winter is over, summer is near, go buy yourself a sunglasses)

Crème de la Crème

Dia interviews Rasha and Rawan Al Mannai about running their Bahrain’s Crème Boutique. Click here to read the full interview.

For stylish men

Laptop bag by JAS M.B. at Boutique 1 Link

Haleeb O Saffron Frappuccino

I tried the Haleeb O Hail Saffron Frapp. emmmmmm latheeeth, didn't expected to be that good, if you are a namla (ant) you would love it, it has caramel in it. Another thing I tried was Haleeb o hail fries ( el esem khara3ni, I thought there is hail in it ... yukkk) but it was regular fries with cheese, jalapeno and beans, similar to somethig Chillis restaurant would serve.7ilo bes mo mal esa3a 10:00 in the morning, and its a very large portion ykafi for 3 people. Haleeb O Hail Cafe Location: In Kuwait City, in front of Gulf Bank Tel: 22456780/55832121 previous post

Black Berry Bracelet

Pop is Ibrah's new accessories line that is inspired by what's popular in Kuwait and the BlackBerry Bracelet is it's first creations in this line. The Bracelet comes in black or brown with a gold plated berry. Now available at Melange Boutique at 360 Mall. check them out. Update: Now the bracelets are available at pick your tag .com Click Here and Hadeya Station Click Here Ibrah is a Kuwaiti label famous for it's trendy and fashionable accessories. Ibrah is the Arabic name for a sewing needle.

Cassette Tapes Mirror

At The One - Avenues


I made fun of the stripe trend when it first came out and now I own like 5-7 striped dresses and shirts, that is because they go perfectly well with the other trend … JACKETS... All from Zara, don't know how we lived before Zara!!! a7san shay 7ag edawam, albes o a6la3, I don't have to worry about ironing or preparing clothes for the next day.

The Vest

I'm in love This sued vest in by Maje at Designer's Lounge (avenues) - Price KD 115 I'm looking for a cheaper version of this

High Street

I asked readers if they know a kuwaiti blog that was planning to take pictures of stylish people at malls and post them, people were kind enough to send me links, but I didn't find what I was looking for. One blog a reader sent me caught my eyes, High Street Q8 , as they puts it (we are looking for the You's who have proudly cultivated their own styles) and I liked it when they said... (The Yous who are 9 months preggers and still manage to look cooler then me!) sa7 :) ako banat wayed chethe. So if they like your style, they might come up to you and take a picture, or you could send them yours (neck down) and they will post them on their blog. Maybe some of the pictures are of poor quality but I loved the idea and I support them 100% so if one day you put on your clothes and think that you look so cool in them, take a pic and send it to : pic. above was taken from hight street q8 blog

Save the Queen

Yupeee I got my T-Shirt dress from WaMu. I ordered this one from P2BK event. At first I didn't like how wide it was, I thought that I'm going to look square in it, but when I tryed it on with a pair of grey skinny jeans it looked great, not tight around the hips. want to order one, send them an SMS 965 - 99000880 Sorry for the lighting , don't know why my pictures look like that


I love Jak & Jil Blog and his pictures, always gives you ideas on what to wear and how to match things together. I really would love to try taking pictures like these here in Kuwait but don't know how. I remember reading a Kuwaiti blog, that was planning to do that, but I just can't remember her name, I wanna know what happened to her. Does anyone know this blog's name?

H&M shirt

H&M shirt inspired from Prada resort collection 2010 - Price KD 11

Pink Hair

I wish I could dye my hair pink

Vivel now open at the Avenues

My picks from

My picks from Style Accessory Report for Fall/Winter 2010 I don't like it, but it's kind of inspirational, and it stresses the fact that GOLD is the color for winter this season was it inspired from Michael Jackson's gloves ? Now that one I like

Selfridges online

I didn't know Selfridges sells online? That is cool and they have just opened a blog too Link

Short Hair

Agyness Deyn's new short hair. I adore this girl Source: Love Magazine twit pic GmbH