Victoria's Secret at Debenhams

Victoria Secret (2)

Victoria's Secret has a small corner at Debenhams at the Avenues. There is nothing much, there were like 3 - 5 pajamas and the rest is all underwear, a very small collection. Also there were some accessories and perfumes.

Victoria Secret (1)

I didn't like where they displayed the items, they were close to the cashier where the perfume section is.


تيماء said…
لحد الحين ماني فاهمه ليش ما فتحو
فرع كامل في الكويت
Me Blogging said…
ma athen ako walla fer3 aslan bara USA
Modish said…
i heard ina alshaya will open it soon..
7aneen said…
Me Blogging said…

nice to know :)
Modish then what you heard is right
4thRingRoad said…
this is it just a small corner not the whole store

and they comment on the post comment number 46
Slashy said…
تصدقين رحت هناك أكثر من مرة وحست فيه ولا شفته


حده ما يبين

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