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One day it was raining so hard that we couldn't return to our hotel walking so we took a taxi, and that driver can't find his way to the place so he was trying out some roads, and one of those road lead us to a huge newly opened store (10 months) by the name of Taten. 6ab3an... ma re7na el hotel and we told him to drop us at that place.

They carry some interesting Labels, like Manish Arora, Preeti Chandra, Maloles shoes, By Malene Birger. They even have a cafe insde, but at the time we were there it wasn't open.

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Look what I found :)

Nina Ricci Fall/Winter 2009 shoes

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I got the chance to try them on hehehe wanasa...
I coudn't feel the ground beneath me, I was afraid to walk with out my sister holding me, I only managed to take 3 or 4 steps, just to see how it feels, they are scary, 3afya 3ala el 3arethat, shlon egdaraw yamshon fee!!
tewaga3ta y3awer belebs, bes kan moree7, o WAYED WAYED thegeeel
Price tag $4250
tara 3alay khasim 40% :)
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Toten Store is located in: Marina Towers Project - Marina Garden Building, Ahmad Chaouqi street - Minet Al-Hosn- Beirut - Lebanon
Tel: 961 1 365357


Q8 Glam said…
الشوز مو صج حده يخرع .عفيه عليدج قدرتي تلبسينه
Confashion said…
hahaha! I give you two thumbs up for trying on those mortifying shoes!!
Scarrrrrry!!! Looking at them reminded me of my fall few weeks ago wearing my Sergio platforms, and they were platforms not those scary heels ;p
Yay! to you!!! for putting them on!
Anonymous said…
hahaha love them!!!

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