Stand Up Comedy Show in AUK

So you think you can laugh (3)

Today I went to see the comedy show (So you think you can laugh) at AUK . The comedians were Ahmed Ahmed, Dean Edwards, Sugar Sammy and Maz Jobrani (love that guy), I've heard most of the jokes before, they were exactly like last year's show.
Sugar Sammy wasn't in last year's show, but I know all of his jokes by heart...min wain??? was it youtube??? anyway the guy was funny , and I was puzzled!! I stayed the whole show trying to remember (where have I heard these jokes ???)
here is a very very short clip of the show

madree shako msawra if it was that short


Ahmed said…
Sugar Sammy was on showtime a couple of times , thats maybe where you heard his jokes before . i was there too , i liked Dean he was funny
elledecor said…
ee walla wanasa

Yahhh I think I saw him on showtime with Wonho Chung

yah dean fathee3 bel tagleed, 3ad kilish walla lama galad chris rock mitt min ethe7ik
Ahmed said…
heheehehhe yeah his chris rock impression was hilarious , walah 7ata lama qald debzek washington kan wayed funny , the show overall was excellent elsar7a , i wish they do it more often bs 3ad naby new jokes , i think by now we've memorized almost all their jokes by heart !

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