P2BK Event 2010 - Part 4

salah zamani design

salah zamani design2

Fabulous designs by Salah Zamani

Interior Design and Wedding Decor

Phone: 6668 0008

email: DesigndarQhotmail.com

salah zamani design3

see the grey t-shirt on the left؟ it has a small pink skwerl on it and it says:

مو كل مدلقم يوز


optimus (2)



"Design your life"

This is their slogan, I think I need to design my bed, I hate mine I always keep hitting my feet with this stupid wooden edge (3ala bona modern - japanese style - AKRAHA)

they told me I can give them my budget and tell them what I have in mind and they design it for me, if I like it they will strat production. Wanasa :) bes khal aftha 7adi buzy.

Tel: 24610073 / 24610074 / 24613254 ext. (312)



Loooovvvvvvvvved the display


Handmade embellishments

phone: 60069091


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