P2BK Event 2010 - Part 3

Noha Noor 1

The pretty designer Noha Al-Roumi of NohaNoor label
email: nohanoor@gmail.com
tel: 2252214
mob: 66333742
Address: Daiyah - block 2 street 30 house 6

Noha Noor 2

Nohanoor - Lama

Necklace by Lama available at NohaNoor's showroom

P0ach 1

Shofaw mino legait :)

P0ach (blogger) who started streaming live video from the event.

if you are not planning to go to the event watch it live on his blog Link

P0ach 2

Nice to meet you Abdullah

Memoire 1

Hamad Al-Shaijy for Memoire Studio
Burj Jassim
Tel: 22960925

Memoire 2

hall 1

Front Raw Fever

Front Raw Fever By Noor Khraibat
Kuwait - Jabriya Block 12 street 101 house 26
Tel: 97978070
email: nurucci@gmail.com

Dala wa Finjan

Bubbles nail SPA

Bubbles nail SPA 2

Bubbles nail SPA Link

Whats on Kuwait

Food ratings and reviews, upcoming events and more in Whats on Kuwait website

good luck guys

Velvet Cup 2

Velvet Cup

Velvet cup
Tel: 97344544

Girl in neon dress

Gorgeous dress
mo sa7 Habosh?

more to come tomorrow ...


Anonymous said…
last pic wow! any idea about the dress?
Et9adgeen ana mawjooda ehnak bas ma marait 3al most of the booths yet! I'll do so this morning.
habbosh said…
i laughed so much i lost my voice
weeen 6e7ty 3aleeeha looool

love u me :*
Me Blogging said…

:) ba3ad etbayen
ya 7ilooha el bnaya
can you help us out here habbosh, do you know where anonymous can find the dress?

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