Mako wala kirsi

What's up with My name is khan?
all cinemas are fully booked here in Kuwait for this movie


Dear Romeo said…
ppl r ging crazy abt this movie
it must B a good one
Unknown said…
shftaa :D its a great movie u have 2 c it, bs ely ba6 chabdy ina el movie mga6a3 madry 3ala shno :/ it doesn't have any rated scene
Me Blogging said…
Dear Romeo:
yahh all my friends are telling me to go see it

ya kirih el tege6i3
M.A.M said…
Yeah i've been tryin 2 book tickets for the past 2 days..
i finally got the chance 2 go c it 2day...
its worth watching!
bass lazim 7arakat el hnood..the part ely they were in the church and the kid sang the same song that khan n his wife share..7ada qawiya..shino hal 9edfa!? that just ruined the scene for me n i just cracked up laughing!
ur gonna get what i mean when u watch the movie!
Me Blogging said…
hehehe ee I know that feeling
ele kil shay perfect until one scene ruins it all
DoDoq8 said…
try to book for your self at early morning for the night


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