I'm Backkk - Part 1

Today's post...The Hotel

Four Seasons Beirut 1

We stayed in The Four Seasons, a newly opened hotel in Beirut (maybe 2 months ago)

Four Seasons Beirut 2

Jidddddan 3adi
I expected something WOW

Four Seasons Beirut 3

But the rooms, as you can see "Classic", mafehom shay yedeed.
ma a7eb agool el ashya' el mozaina bes khedmat'hoom wayed ba6e'a (room service), I think because they are still not ready to operate

Four Seasons Beirut 6

Four Seasons Beirut 7

Four Seasons Beirut 9

I ilked the bathroom, spacious.

Four Seasons Beirut 10

There is a lovely balcony in the room, bes 7asafa it was too cold to stay in it

Four Seasons Beirut 11

Four Seasons Beirut 12

3omal yashtagheloon
khoooash manthar


Oleana said…
I was looking forward to staying at the Four Seasons on my next visit to Beirut, but from the pictures i think i changed my mind :/ I hear their spa is supposed to be great. Did you try it ?
Me Blogging said…
No I didn't try their SPA

the only think was great is the location, we don't need to take a Taxi, it takes you 5-10 minutes to reach the Solidere (that is if you like walking)

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